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Ready for Your Next Job? Should You Look for a Temporary or a Permanent Position?

You can choose between a temporary or permanent role as you prepare for your next job. Both have good and bad attributes, and it is vital to evaluate both carefully. The right choice is crucial for your career and your finances. jo

Should You Get A Temporary or Permanent Job?

Breaking Them Down

A permanent job is a position in which you work as a part or full-time employee. A contract sets forth the number of hours you work each week.

With a temporary job, you work for a designated amount of time. These jobs typically range from a few days to several months. After the assignment, you reenter the job market to pursue opportunities elsewhere. You might even get a permanent job offer if you do a great job.

The Permanent Job

A permanent job will likely include health insurance, dental insurance, and other perks unavailable to temporary employees. Working in this capacity provides financial security and peace of mind. Also, with a permanent job, you can establish yourself and enjoy a successful career with a single company. Perform well, and you can move up the ladder. A permanent work arrangement ensures you can advance your career and optimize your earnings.

There are negatives too. Permanent jobs get monotonous, leaving you feeling as though you are stuck in a routine, performing the same tasks day after day. Permanent workers sometimes feel like they should work long hours, contributing to burnout and unhealthy work-life balance.

The Temporary Job

Temporary jobs offer a considerable incentive called flexibility! With a temporary role, your obligation to a business is for a set amount of time. When it’s finished, you can do whatever you like next. Temp employees work hours convenient for them, making this work arrangement ideal for students or parents.

Conversely, these jobs do not offer a guaranteed salary for an extended period, nor do they ensure an employer will extend an appointment or provide a permanent position. Temp employees do not receive the benefits provided to permanent workers. If you work temporarily, you will likely not qualify for sick leave, holiday pay, and other perks.

Start Your New Job Search Today

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