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What Does Gen Z Expect From the Workplace Company Culture?

Gen Z employees are self-motivated, hard workers. This generation can undoubtedly be an asset to your organization, and understanding what they want will help. Gen Z employees are expecting more from the workplace than team-building activities. The needs of this group are unique from past generations, and they desire a workplace culture that understands their needs and motivators. It is vital to understand what Gen Z is looking for in workplace company culture if you wish to attract and retain these ambitious workers.

What Younger Workers Value


Gen Z respects authenticity and openness. Transparency demonstrates to Gen Z how their efforts drive the company to its primary goals. Transparency is vital because this generation likes to know the why behind them before taking orders. Gen Z wants purpose. Improve trust and communication within your culture and clue these employees in on the company’s direction, which they greatly appreciate.


Flexibility is now a non-negotiable demand of Gen Z. Strict environments are hard for this group, and your productivity will suffer. Consider schedules that allow employees to work from home and have flexible arrival and departure times. It allows for freedom while still getting the required work hours from the employee. Encourage Gen Z to be innovative.

Social Responsibility

Social consciousness is a top priority of Gen Z. They view themselves as global citizens and expect to make the world a better place. This generation likes organizations that make a difference in their communities and globally. Select a charity to support or be involved in volunteer work. Having an energy-efficient office or a recycling program doesn’t hurt either.

Fair Pay

Salary is important to Gen Z. They save more than their predecessors. Bargains and research buys are essential to this group too. In the workplace, Gen Z is seeking places that offer a wage that matches their skills. They are eager to learn and move up. Try to provide perks and allowances that allow this group to bring down personal expenses and save money.


This generation knows nothing else but a digital world. Gen Z does its best work with automated processes, up-to-date tech, and software. They fully expect video training and AI integration. They will look elsewhere if technology is lacking. Take their suggestions regarding which direction to take technology, and you will make a hit with this group. The right technology allows for flexibility which Gen Z also prizes. Ensure your culture also gives these workers people skills, especially if they have customer-facing jobs.

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