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How Might You Drastically Reduce Your Time to Hire?

The success or failure of your organization depends on the people who work for you. Successfully reducing your time to hire depends on bringing in the right people at the right time. When the hiring time is lengthy, you lose the best talent to competitors. Your productivity can decrease, and your employer branding can be negative.

It is trying to keep up with the demand and stay ahead of the competition while maintaining good service. There might not be enough resources to automate time-consuming tasks. You might have difficulty reaching job seekers, or you might be unable to gather the data to make informed hiring decisions. Reducing the time to hire is not easy, but it is possible. Here are some tips for you.

How To Reduce Your Time to Hire

Start Internally

Filling open positions with employees already working for your organization can save time. You can do this by promoting individuals or transferring employees from different departments. It eliminates the need to go through the entire recruitment process, such as a resume background check or company orientation.

Use Video Interviews

Video interviews eliminate the need for a commute, saving you and the interviewee time. It is better than a phone interview because the face-to-face interaction is still there. It is an effective method for evaluating all candidates because you have a replay of each interview for future reference. Video interviews can lead to accurate recruiting through objective decision-making.

Use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An ATS can filter out candidates based on whether an application matches your job description, saving time. You can avoid reviewing individual resumes with a system that automates this tedious part of the hiring process. You can focus on only those candidates who are qualified for the role.

Do Not Forget Passive Job Seekers

Passive job seekers are a significant portion of talent. To attract these workers consider doing the following:

  • Maintain a career page on your website
  • Improve the reputation of your brand
  • Use social media to improve your online presence and extend your network
  • Use blog posts to showcase company culture and set your company apart

Consult Top Employees

Your top performers have skills you can assess for in your list of candidates. Get their feedback or evaluate your workplace to identify strengths and weaknesses. Use their feedback to optimize your recruitment checklist to outline expectations.

Improve Candidate Engagement

When candidates are engaged, they are responsive to you and your recruiters. It decreases the hiring time because the candidate is ready to start and does not make you wait for their reply.

Ready to Start the Hiring Process?

You might need hiring support if you are a hiring manager in middle Tennessee. The professional recruiters at Wood Personnel Services can provide you with quality employees when you need them.