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Is It Time for a Resume Revamp?

As you progress through your career and gain new skills and experience, updating your resume can help you highlight your qualifications. The new skills might help you move up or explain your unique career goals. Is it time for a resume revamp?

When You Should Consider an Update

If Your Resume No Longer Reflects Who You Are

As you progress through your career, you evolve, work in different positions, and learn new skills. Your resume must reflect these changes. Look at your resume and determine if it hooks a reader and flows from one section to the next. Let your resume convey what you are trying to communicate to the reader clearly and concisely. If your resume no longer represents you as a professional, it is time to update it to reflect where you are in your career journey.

To Keep It Updated

Always keep your resume updated even if you are not looking for a new job. Has it been more than 12 months since you last edited it? If yes, it is time to refresh it. Your resume needs to reflect the changes over the past year. Staying current will keep you prepared for when a perfect job opportunity comes your way.

New Job or Promotion? Update the Resume

New jobs and promotions are the ideal time to edit your resume. If you are still in your current role but have taken on new responsibilities, update the resume. A resume is a marketing tool for selling yourself as a perfect candidate. Highlight your achievements in each role to show employers you can deliver results and meet goals.

New Skills

Edit your resume to include any recently obtained hard or soft skills. It will show potential employers that you are developing and growing professionally. This edit is also the ideal time to review your previous skills and remove any outdated or too basic to include.

Update Outdated Formatting

Ensure your resume follows specific formatting and design principles such as:

  • Is the resume easy to read?
  • Are the font types and sizes easy on the eyes?
  • Is there enough white space to break up content?
  • Do all headings and subheadings have corresponding formatting?
  • Is the layout cluttered?

How to Update

Update your resume to highlight the new skills and qualifications you have gained. Here are some ways to update your resume:

  • List current contact information
  • Write a new summary
  • Add resume keywords
  • Highlight relevant work experience
  • Add new skills
  • Include recent education
  • Review the formatting and content

If you are revamping your resume for an ideal job opportunity, consider what Wood Personnel Services can do for your career. The professionals at Wood Personnel Services are skilled at finding the best administrative, industrial and professional job opportunities. Let them help you reach your career goals.