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Protecting Your Organization: Why Background Checks Are Essential

When you or your organization hires a new employee, you invest your time, resources and money. Ideally, you want the information you need to make the right choice. You want an accurate overview of a candidate before a contract is signed. So, it makes sense that background checks are the norm in the workplace. An organization’s success and reputation depend on hiring the right people.

Performing Background Checks is Worth the Effort

To Verify Employment Qualifications

The background check helps determine if the information on an application is accurate. Unfortunately, lying on an application or resume happens frequently. Common deceptions include:

  • Proficient in skills they lack
  • Working for a company longer than they claim
  • Completion of a degree from a prestigious university
  • Having a high GPA
  • Earning a higher salary at a previous job

Candidate exaggeration can have long-term negative consequences for your company as you unknowingly hire someone unqualified for a job.

Improve Workforce Quality

Over time, background checks improve workforce quality. Background checks are comprehensive and thoroughly cover the history of a candidate. A background check significantly enhances your chances of making a good hire.

Protect a Company’s Reputation

Your company’s reputation is crucial, and a background check is a great tool to help keep your status intact. Background checks are excellent tools for avoiding potentially uncomfortable situations and crises in your organization.

Prevent Criminal Activity

As an employer, you protect your employees and your business. A background check serves as a pre-emptive measure to ensure the safety of your company and associates. A background screening can prevent or reduce criminal activity within your organization. Screenings are particularly crucial for organizations with more than 1000 employees.

Legal Requirements

Staying compliant with governing rules and regulations is complex. By screening candidates beforehand, you ensure that the people you hire have the legal right to employment and have all the required paperwork and qualifications to allow them to work. Check if background screening is one of the laws your company must follow.

What to Include in a Background Check

Background checks can include a variety of topics and areas depending on the requirements of a job. A background check might consist of the following:

  • Education records. An essential check to ensure a candidate has the academic credentials they claim. This check is for all employees, particularly C-Suite positions.
  • Work experience. Check the year of experience, salary drawn, and job performance. Contact HR departments, previous organizations, or tax records.
  • Criminal records. Search for a criminal record before you hire an employee. This check includes felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions, pending criminal cases, civil judgments, prison records, and domestic terror watch lists.
  • Professional and personal checks. Contact previous managers to verify job performance. Contact personal references to check addresses and other personal information.
  • Residential background checks. Do this to check for the residential and permanent addresses of an applicant.
  • Credit check. This one is crucial for positions that involve handling large amounts of money. Financial records can indicate scams and credit scores that might signal irrational credit behavior.
  • Motor vehicles. This screening is vital for positions that include dealing with organizational vehicles.

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