As “Hungry” to Drive Productivity as You Are for That Thanksgiving Turkey?

These productivity tools will satisfy your APPetite! Apps have completely transformed the way we live and work. While some are purely for entertainment purposes (looking at you, Candy Crush), others can dramatically improve your individual and team productivity. If you’re hungry for ways to boost efficiency, facilitate better team collaboration and build momentum in your […]

Would You Try THAT?! Unconventional Ways to Boost Employee Productivity

Call them “out of the box.” Call them “unconventional.” Call them “strange.” However you choose to describe these productivity boosters, one thing is sure: they’ll go a long way toward refreshing, refocusing and re-energizing your team (especially during a summer productivity slump). Get Visual. Try color therapy. Research shows that the color yellow positively affects […]

Land a Great Job in Middle Tennessee in 30 Seconds, Flat!

Land a Great Job in Middle Tennessee | Wood Personnel Services

Looking for your next dream job? You’ll land it faster if you have a solid “elevator pitch.” What’s an Elevator Pitch? In simplest terms, an elevator pitch is a statement that accurately sums up the unique benefit you offer a potential employer. It should: be short – 30 seconds or less; contain value-oriented statements which […]

Using LinkedIn for Your Job Search? Mind your manners!

  Etiquette used to be so simple: Close your mouth when you chew. Always send a thank-you note. Don’t interrupt your parents while they’re speaking. Today, however, the “rules of engagement” have become much more complex. Digital communication, in particular, has given rise to an entirely new set of online etiquette rules. So if you’re […]