How Middle Tennessee Employers Can Effectively Use QR Codes in Recruiting

QR codes are everywhere – on product labels, billboards, and buildings, inviting passers-by to pull out their mobile phones and uncover the encoded information. Sure, they make sense for linking consumers to product websites.  But did you know that those funny-looking little black-and-white boxes can also be a valuable recruiting tool? Integrated properly, QR codes… Read more »

2012 Best of Staffing

We are excited to announce that we made Inavero’s 2012 Best of Staffing Client List!  The 2012 Best of Staffing Client Award, presented in partnership with Careerbuilder, is the nation’s only client satisfaction award that recognizes exceptional client service within the staffing and recruiting industry.  Click here to read more about it:

Need a Staffing Partner You Can Rely Upon?

You’ve come to the right place. Over the course of many years, Wood Personnel Services‘ objective has been to work with the best clients, best employees and best internal staff.  We bring these three elements of success together to complete a philosophical triad we refer to as “Just good people.” This simple business philosophy is… Read more »

Ahead of the Curve: Recent Trends in Recruiting and Staffing for Middle Tennessee Employers

Want to stay ahead of the curve in staffing and recruiting?  Read on! According to the HR experts listed below, here are a few of the top recruiting and staffing trends that will impact Middle Tennessee employers this year – and ways your staffing service can help you take advantage of them: Unemployment will remain… Read more »

Manners 2.0: Digital Etiquette Tips

As a job seeker in Middle Tennessee, there are so many ways to give yourself an edge over your competition.  You can dress for success, prepare for common interview questions and research the employer or available position.  Today, we’re going to review one more job hunt weapon to add to your arsenal:  great e-mail etiquette.… Read more »

Think You Can’t Afford Administrative Staff? You May Be Missing the Boat

In recent years, businesses across middle Tennessee have been under tremendous pressure to cut costs and reduce head count.  At the same time, e-mail, mobile devices and other new technologies have made managers and executives more self-sufficient than ever.  You might think that, as a result, administrative staff would be rendered all but obsolete. According… Read more »

Successful Staffing Strategies for Middle Tennessee Employers

Significant change and uncertainty are the new norm in our business environment. Is your company equipped to thrive? Everything from a volatile global economy to proposed employment legislation changes make it more challenging than ever to predict what’s in store for the coming year (let alone the coming month).  Constantly changing workloads, talent availability and… Read more »

Ace Your Next Behavioral Interview – No Matter What Type of Job You’re Seeking

While in an interview, you probably expect to answer questions like: “What was your last job like?” “Why are you interested in the available position?” “Why should we hire you?” These are all standard questions designed to gain more information about your skills and experience.  But are you prepared to answer questions like: “What is… Read more »

Tips for Creating a Safer Work Environment

The best way to keep workers’ compensation claims down is to avoid workplace injuries in the first place. This is not news, of course, but the concept occasionally bears repeating. If you’re just learning about workplace safety, or would like to refresh your knowledge, take a few minutes to read this brief but valuable post outlining… Read more »

Ready to Hire? Improve Your Hiring Process with These Ideas

It’s a new year – and for many Middle Tennessee companies, it’s time to hire. If your 2012 initiatives include adding to your direct headcount, the best way to ensure hiring success is by being prepared.  Failing to do so can lead to a host of interviewing problems, including biases, inconsistencies, costly inefficiencies – and… Read more »